Grain chillers

Cereals, seeds and germination

The main purpose is to preserve all kinds of cereals and seeds in long term in a healthy, organic, safe and economical way.
Our KLIMAGRAIN chiller is designed to definitively solve all difficulties relating to cereals and seeds storage with highly efficient systems and low operating costs.

Extensive research, advanced technological development and proven experience over the years have enabled us to produce the KLIMAGRAIN chiller in various versions: Standard and Custom made.
All versions are innovative and equipped with dedicated software for all types of grain and with highly reliable components and technology to operate even in the really dusty areas typical of these environments. All our units are tropicalised, also suitable for high temperatures environments.

Each model has been designed to optimise consumption and achieve significant energy savings by appropriately and autonomously managing the conservation process according to external climatic conditions.

Our chillers guarantee concrete and tangible results such as:

  • achievement of a high quality product maintained in long term
  • storage with higher relative humidity
  • elimination of self-heating phenomenon
  • partial drying effect on the cereal
  • stopping the activity of pests (insects)
  • stopping the proliferation of fungi and mycotoxins

Germination cells

We supply complete, product-specific equipment for the germination and/or storage of seeds.


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Refrigerazione cereali /
Grain refrigeration

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