Industrial refrigeration systems

Industrial refrigeration systems

We design and manufacture

customised industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and climate control systems.
All our applications meet high standards of efficiency, performance and reliability.

We manufacture individual or centralised industrial refrigeration systems, with or without fairing (open):

  • Air Handling Units;
  • High efficiency chillers and low charge ammonia chillers;
  • Heat pumps;
  • Single-stage or two-stage motorised condensing units;
  • Motorised receiver units;
  • Single units;
  • Roof Top;
  • Caref;
  • Systems for Freezing and Hardening Tunnels;
  • Refrigeration plants with one or more parallel compressors or in modules;
  • Stainless steel chilled water and ice storage tanks;
  • Direct expansion systems;
  • Overflow systems;
  • Forced circulation systems;
  • Two-stage/waterfall systems;
  • Storage and process cold rooms;
  • Systems for working environments and clean rooms;
  • Heat recovery systems;
  • Special applications;
  • Ice cream plants;
  • Ammonia systems;
  • Carbon dioxide systems

We perform energy efficiency and plant modernisation services

Our applications

Dairy industry

Food industry

Charcuterie curing

Wine sector

Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

Special applications

Air conditioning and climate control

Industrial chillers

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